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Special Election State Rep 29 Vacancy

October 12, 2021

Special Election
A Special Election is any election that is not regularly scheduled. A special election may be held for any purpose authorized or required by law; often to fill a vacancy or for a public measure.

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Notice is hereby given to the qualified electors of Jasper County, State of Iowa, that a Special Election for State Representative District 029 will be held on Tuesday, October 12, 2021. Only Jasper County residents living in State Representative District 029 will vote for this office.

All polls will be open from 7:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. Voters MUST vote in their precinct of residence. In accordance with IAC 721-21.50(10) and Chapter 49.3 of the Iowa Code, any voter who is physically unable to enter their polling place has the right to vote in the voter’s vehicle. Any voter who requires assistance to vote by reason of blindness, disability, or inability to read or write may be given assistance by a person of the voter’s choice, other than the voter’s employer or agent of that employer or officer or agent of the voter’s union. Please read this notice carefully to determine your correct voting location. Voting locations have changed for some voters. If you are unsure of your precinct of residence or voting location for this election, please contact the Jasper County Auditor’s office at 641-792-7016 or by email at auditor@jaspercounty.iowa.gov.

The precinct polling places and addresses for this election are as follows:

CP: Clear Creek/Poweshiek
Mingo Community Building, 202 E. Railroad St., Mingo, IA 50168

(For voters living in the Cities of Mingo and Valeria and Clear Creek and Poweshiek Townships.)

CF 1, CF 2, CF 3 Colfax 1, Colfax 2 and Colfax 3, MW Mound Prairie/Washington
Jasper County Fairgrounds, 359 Walnut St., Colfax, IA 50054

(For voters living in the City of Colfax, Mound Prairie Township, Washington Township and for voters living in that portion of Mitchellville within Jasper County within State Representative District 029.)

DM: Des Moines Township
Prairie City Community Building, 503 S. State St., Prairie City, Iowa 50228

(For voters living in the City of Prairie City and Des Moines Township.)

HR: Hickory Grove, Kellogg, Buena Vista, Richland, and Rock Creek
Kellogg City Hall, 417 Front St., Kellogg, IA 50135

(For voters living in the Cities of Kellogg and Oakland Acres and Buena Vista, Kellogg, Hickory Grove, Richland and Rock Creek townships.)

IMM: Independence, Malaka, Mariposa
Baxter City Hall, 203 S. Main St., Baxter, IA 50028

(For voters living in the City of Baxter and Independence, Malaka and Mariposa townships.)

NT 1: Newton City Ward 1 Precincts NT 1-1 and NT 1-2, the City of Lambs Grove and NS Newton/Sherman
Jasper County Church of Christ, 1813 1st St. N., Newton, IA 50208
For voters living in NT 1-1, NT 1-2, the city of Lambs Grove, Newton Township and Sherman Township.)

NT 2: Newton City Ward 2 Precincts NT 2-1 and NT 2-2.
St. Luke United Methodist Church, 501 E. 19th St. N., Newton, IA 50208

(For voters living in NT 2-1 and NT 2-2.)

NT 3: Newton City Ward 3 Precincts NT 3-1 and NT 3-2
Jasper County Community Center, 2401 1st Ave. E., Newton, IA 50208

(For voters living in NT 3-1, NT 3-2 and that portion of Newton Township included in this precinct.)

NT 4: Newton City Ward 4 Precincts NT 4-1 and NT 4-2
American Legion, 1101 W. 4th St. S., Newton, IA 50208

(For voters living in NT 4-1and NT 4-2).

*Notice of polling place changeThe Mound Prairie/Washington and the city of Mitchellville precinct polling place has been temporarily moved and those voters will vote at the Jasper County Fairgrounds located at 359 Walnut St. in Colfax. 

*Notice of polling place changeNT 1-2 precinct polling place has been temporarily combined with the NT 1-1 precinct polling place and voters will vote at the Jasper County Church of Christ (former Union Hall) located at 1813 1st St. N. in Newton.

*Notice of polling place changeNT 2-1 precinct polling place has been temporarily combined with NT 2-2 precinct polling place and voters will vote at the St. Luke United Methodist Church located at 501 E. 19th St. N. in Newton.

*Notice of polling place change: NT 3-1 precinct polling place has been temporarily combined with NT 3-2 precinct polling place and voters will vote at the Jasper County Community Center (former Aldi’s) located at 2401 1st Ave. E. in Newton.

*Notice of polling place change: NT 4-1 precinct polling place has been temporarily combined with NT 4-2 precinct polling place and voters will vote at the American Legion located at 1101 W. 4th St. S. in Newton

We will post the candidates that will be on the ballot after the candidate filing deadline and we receive certification from the Iowa Secretary of State, which is Tuesday, September 28, 2021.

The Voter Pre-Registration Deadline for this Election is September 27, 2021 in the Auditor’s Office or by mail if postmarked on or before September 27, 2021. The deadline for registered voters to request an Absentee Ballot by mail is September 27, 2021. If an eligible elector is unable to register to vote on or before the registration deadline, Iowa Law permits Election Day Registration at their polling location with current proof of Identity AND Residence within the precinct.

All voters are required to provide an approved form of identification at the polling place before receiving and casting a ballot.  Voters who are not pre-registered – such as voters registering to vote on election day – and voters who have changed precincts will also be required to provide proof of residence. A voter who cannot provide proof of identification may have their identity attested to by another voter registered in the precinct who has an approved form of identification. For more information about voter ID, visit http://sos.iowa.gov/voterid  or call the Jasper Co. Auditor at 641-792-7016 Monday thru Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Any voter unable to prove identity and residence at the polling place has the option to cast a provisional ballot AND provide proof of identity and residence to the County Auditor before Noon on October 14, 2021.

A person who is eligible to register to vote, may register on election day and vote by appearing in person at the polling place for the precinct in which the individual resides.  The voter must complete a voter registration application, sign a written oath, and provide acceptable proof of identity and acceptable proof of residence.  Acceptable documents which can be used as proof of identity and proof of residence are very specific and substitutes will not be accepted. To see all forms of approved ID visit http://sos.iowa.gov/voterid.           

ELECTION FRAUD.  A voter commits the crime of Election Misconduct in the First Degree if the person submits false information when registering to vote.  Election misconduct in the first degree is a class “D” felony, and punishable by a fine of up to $7,500 and/or imprisonment of up to five (5) years.  Convicted felons who register and vote without receiving a restoration of voting rights from the Governor are committing a class “D” felony.

NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN, in accordance with Chapter 52.35 of the Iowa Code that the duly authorized agents of the Jasper County Auditor and Commissioner of Elections shall publicly examine and test all voting machines to be used for the October 12, 2021 Special Election.  Public testing will begin on Thursday, October 7, at 1:00 p.m. at the Election Equipment Building located at 113 W. 2nd St. S., Newton.

Election results will be posted on the Jasper County Elections website on Election Night after the polls close.

Dennis K. Parrott, Jasper County Auditor and Commissioner of Elections

This webpage was printed on May 27, 2024. For the most current election-related information, visit the Jasper County, Iowa, Elections website at jaspercountyelections.iowa.gov.
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